Ambassade Médicale Internationale

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  Appelez nous : (+ 33)7 66 13 99 57



We receive, study and process the medical file. We contact the specialist who will be best able to offer a treatment. Thanks to this opinion we establish an estimate which is sent to the applicant as soon as possible.




Before the trip:

It is important to make a bank transfer of the estimated amount of the estimate, knowing that additional costs may be charged during the stay, related either to a change in the therapeutic plan in view of the complete elements of the balance sheet, or the occurrence of a complication, always possible. Similarly, the convalescent stay can be extended, at the request of the doctor or the patient himself, a call for additional funds will be requested by transfer.



During your stay:

You can call us to satisfy your needs or your requirements, we will do whatever is possible to give you full satisfaction:

  • Assist a loved one who accompanies you or wants to assist you
  • Answer your questions and your inquires,
  • Take a tour of the city or organize a visit
  • Assist you for shopping or doing some shopping for you
  • Possibly we are able to provide a VIP service upon request.
  • To make it short, we will do everything in our power and we will try to do our best to help.


At the end of the stay:

Your treatment completed, we will accompany you to the airport by providing assistance if necessary.
You will be given a final invoice that will allow the clearance of our accounts.
Do not forget to give us news on your return and even to write us by Email to give us your opinion on our services and enable us to improve existing and offer better services.